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Topic: Management Information System


Coursework assignment:
You are required to write a report of 3,000 words following a pre-set structure including:
• Script and notes of an interview conducted with project managers.
• Reflective discussion on sections corresponding to all topics covered in the syllabus.
You are expected to do a presentation of 10 minutes that is recorded and assessed via (i) a rubric including specific delivery and content criteria, (ii) optical head-mounted displays and smart sensor technology for detecting adequate participation and (iii) video recordings for tagging and feedback on delivery. [here, please write down the presentation note for me that will cover a 10min video]
Two draft submission is needed and the Assessment Schedule for this work is as follows:
• First draft submission (focus on structure and plan)
• Second draft submission (focus on content)
• Report

Note: I have attached the coursework file with full step-by-step details for the work. I have also attached other files to assist in this job.
There is three-part to this work:
1. The report 3000 words (chosen company Apple Inc)
2. Presentation (please provide a written presentation note that I’ll use for the video] since it will be impossible for you to do the video.
3. You are to provide a draft plan for your presentation content.
Attached file name:
1. Coursework_Step_by_Step_Assignment_Details
2. MIS_Note
3. List_of_Website_Links


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