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Topic: Marketing Healthcare services


Marketing has become central to health care organizations, and communication between health care organizations and potential customers has become essential to survival. Write a concise paper about the marketing of health care services. Note that this refers to the use of marketing techniques to attract consumers (patients). Issues addressed should include but not be limited to:

1)Healthcare consumers and factors that influence consumer behavior (i.e. social, financial, geographical, age) (25 points)
2)Requirements for successful marketing of health care services (what convinces the patient go to one facility or provider vs. another and how is that promoted?) (25 points)
3)Marketing techniques and strategies currently used by health care organizations (how does an organization or provider leverage their strengths and entice the patient to come to them vs. another facility?) (30 points

The paper must be referenced and in APA format with no spelling, grammatical, or sentence structure errors. You must list your references, and those references must be cited in the text of the paper. See the APA Style web site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Library Services (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. site or the Resources page for information on APA format. (20 points)

APA checklist: includes a cover page; every component double spaced; margins at least one inch; abstract no longer than 150 words and on a separate page; all references are listed and cited, and the reference list begins on a separate page.
The paper should be based on published literature, and not your opinions.
You should have at least 5 references. Your references do not need to be peer reviewed journal articles for this assignment. However, they must be reliable sources. You may not use the required textbook for this course as a reference.
Your paper should be concise and to the point. The body of the paper should be at least 3 pages, but no more than 5 pages.
No more than 10% of your paper may consist of quoted material. Points will be deducted in proportion to the amount of quoted material exceeding 10% of your paper.


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