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Topic: Marketing Plan and Individual Promotions for a Medical Product


This paper should be a detailed marketing plan for a medical device, which is a book bag that promotes and improves ergonomics, has a heat and cooling feature and offers massage/vibrations to promote circulation and relaxation of tight muscles along the entire back and the trapezius and scapula muscles (via the book bag straps). Please include graphs and charts. See attached parameters. All point on the attached document must be met.
The final project will consist of a marketing plan and individual promotions to be done on a product or service for an
organization that you are familiar with. This marketing plan has to be health related.

The marketing plan should be at least 7 pages in length and should contain items and follow the format shown below. You can use the two Web sites below to familiarize yourself with the process.

Provides a plan highlighting the implementation stages of the process, providing explanation of the analysis, and emphasizing the value of their product and/or service.

The following is the format that should be used for the final project:

Marketing Plan Format

I. Executive Summary

II. Situational Analysis

III. Market Summary

Market Demographics

Market Needs

Market Trends

Market Growth

IV. SWOT Analysis





Alternative Providers

Services Offered

Keys to Success

Critical Issues

V. Marketing Strategy


Marketing Objectives

Financial Objectives

Target Markets


Strategy Pyramid

VI. Financials

Breakeven Analysis

Sales Forecast

Expense Forecast

Contribution Margin

VII. Controls


Marketing Organization
Contingency Plan for market difficulties.


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