Topic: Marketing Research Plan


In this week’s discussion you’ll be designing a short market research plan for a jewelry store. You’ll follow the same basic process we covered in the research materials that looked like this:
• Define the business problem.
• Convert that business problem to a research question
• Determine segment and sampling technique
• Select which type of research will work best for our question
• Analyzing our results
• Reporting our results
1. Identify TWO business problems you might have with your project.
2. Next, convert those business problems to research questions. What are specifically trying to learn as a result of your research project?
3. Describe the customers you will target for your research and the sampling technique you will use. Make sure you are clear how you will use it and why you chose it.
4. Describe what types of research techniques you will use. Identify ONE secondary source and describe how you will use it and why you chose it. Select ONE primary research technique and describe how, and why, you will use it.
5. Write a one paragraph memo describing how you plan to report your finding. how can you make your report accurate yet easy to understand?

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