SectionMarksDetails (suggested breakdown of word limit in brackets)
1 (300 words)5Background Summary from Assessment 2: At the start of your report, provide a succinct summary that identifies your target market and provide a consumer profile and positioning statement developed from Assessment 2. Please ensure you use the feedback provided for Assessment 2 to revise your target market, consumer profile and positioning statement as necessary – that is what feedback is for: to help you improve your work!
2 (1500 words)75Promotional Mix: Using THREE (3) of the 5 major promotion tools (i.e., advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, direct and digital marketing), develop an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) campaign. Each strategy must be able to be implemented by Plastic Whale. Aspects you need to address include: • Which promotional tools or elements should be used and the relevant theory for each • Demonstrate how the promotion mix strategies will be used. Be specific, including message and media decisions. • Make sure you discuss at each stage how these strategic recommendations meet the needs of the target market that you identified and Plastic Whale’s ideal positioning (as identified in your positioning statement) as well as contribute to Plastic Whale achieving its objectives • Be fully justified (referenced) – be creative, but ground your decisions in reality and base them on best-practice • Recommend and justify marketing analytics to measure the success (or otherwise) of each of your strategies  
3 (400 words)15Conclusions with Implications for Plastic Whale: Make sure your conclusion and implications: • Summarise the important elements of both Assessments (Assessments 2 & 3) • State the implications for Plastic Whale of the findings from your reports (i.e., what does this mean for Plastic Whale?)  
Overall5General communication • Following the requirements listed on pages 11-13 of these guidelines • Appropriate use of resources • Use of credible and relevant sources (minimum of seven different sources) with at least four (4) of these being peer reviewed sources • Correct and consistent use of the Harvard style of referencing   NO mistakes in grammar and spelling – give us a piece of work that you can be proud of with concise, clear, professional language and writing style

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