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Topic: Marketing summary and Business concept


Please read the mission statement doc I have attached. The job is to create a market summary of 3 pages and a Business concept of 3 pages 1.5 spacing around the mission statement(i have attached mission statement) (total of 6 pages). I also provided a picture of the title of the book because you need to provide some references from the book. I took pictures of the title of the book including 3 pages from the book, where you can get information from. Please paraphrase when referencing. Three outside sources for referencing recommended for both concepts. The instructions for each topic are attached under the market and business instructions. The attached documents provide you with clear instructions on how to do a market summary and a business concept. If you have any other questions please message me. Please look at the sample of a market summary and business concept so that you have an idea of how it should be done. Also, read the mission statement because the market summary and business concept tie in with my mission statement. The bibliography is a separate page.


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