Topic: Markets, Organisation, and Society


By generating qualitative primary (interviews) and secondary (desk-based) research, you will take the role of a marketing agency and produce a report in response to one of the briefs given to you (your choice which one) that addresses one of the contemporary topics addressed in class.

Drawing on the debates and speakers in class, you will respond to a brief provided by the speakers and using academic literature, reflections on own thoughts regarding the contemporary issues, in addition to interview data from stakeholders (not consumers), your peers and the guest speakers. The report should seek to respond to one of the client briefs presented in class.

You need to provide a research-informed report on how the issues the speakers raise in their sessions/briefs should be considered in their organisation. Draw on ideas and transfer them to the brief as we wont be covered the companies and ideas as the briefs are being submitted organically from companies.

The report should include an introduction and conclusion about how you have critically examined contemporary issues that are affecting marketing in the global context and how this therefore affects your approach to the brief. Your writing should discuss and apply theoretical concepts and frameworks outlined in the module and the recommended readings.

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