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Topic: Martin Luther King or an event of his such as his Letter from the Birmingham Jail


Double spaced main text. Do not double space block quotes, footnotes or bibliography.

A block quote placed 8 spaces in from margin with blank line preceding and following it. 1 inch margins all sides.

A notes number is 5 spaces in from left hand margin with 2 more spaces after the numbers period with a blank line inserted between each note.

Bibliography flush on left hand margin and each following run on line will have a hanging indent. 12 font.

Title page centered to include a picture of him or the event, title of paper- no bold, underline or italicize. My name, History 2020, Dr. Michael Davis, November 14, 2019. Must have 5 primary sources and 5 secondary sources.

Must be journals, letters, or books or newspapers or speeches. Cannot use websites! All sources listed in bibliography must be cited in paper.

Page number top right but not on title page. Graded on sources- primary and secondary , half of grade and a lot on structure of paper.


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