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Topic: Mental Health in the US in the 1980’s


#1 We are only allowed two sources from the Del Mar Library. -pls ask support team for login info Please only use information from Daphna Oserman Bernard Anderson/Richard Khoo. I downloaded the source sheet. Disregard all other sources. You will need to read the short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Read the Professors instructions several times. She is a stickler for following directions. No outside sources. You need to integrate your source information into your own sentence. DO NOT PARAPHRASE. Please the essay by Molly May that the Professor deems a Perfect essay. The Yellow Wallpaper has to be introduced in the first paragraph and you need to integrate two quotes from the three sources. The thesis needs to be strong and identifiable in the first paragragh. Do not go over four pages.


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