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Topic: Mentos and a Coke Experiment

Lab Report: Formatting Guidelines (1 page, single-spaced)

Place of the experiment: Front of Parkmill Building at Portland State University.

Please read the guidelines carefully!
I will allow some variation on this format for those of you who have written lab reports before. Each discipline generally has its own protocol for formatting.  What is important is to include all the necessary and pertinent information.
Title: A full descriptive title.  Remember the operative number of words for a lab report title is ten.
Your name: You might also consider adding the institution where you conducted the experiment.
Abstract:  A summary of the complete experiment to include the hypothesis and the conclusions.  Be clear about your hypothesis.  Some of you may wish to indicate the point of the experiment was to determine what would occur if Mentos were dropped into a bottle of Coca Cola.  Some of you wanted to go a bit further and determine the height of the eruption from a bottle of Coca Cola if Mentos were dropped into it.  Remember a hypothesis is generally an “If… then…” statement. 
Introduction or Background:  Here you may restate your hypothesis.  Include information about Mentos. You need to also include where the experiment took place, as well as the date and time of the experiment.
Materials:  Include every object used in the experiment.  Because we used a 2-liter bottle of Coca Cola, make sure you include the “2-liter.” 
Methods or Procedures:  The section is generally written as a step-by-step process.  I am requiring you to write this section in past tense, third person, passive voice.  Therefore, you cannot write “Drop five Mentos into the bottle of Coca Cola.”  The sentence must be written “Five Mentos were dropped in the bottle of Coca Cola.” 
Data:  If appropriate.  Here you might want to include a photo of the experiment if you took one.  The experiment is so straightforward, and the analysis so limited, that data might not be applicable.  If you do not include this section, that is fine.
Results:  This section can be short.  Simply indicate what the results of the experiment were.
Conclusion:  The conclusion may indicate what problems might have arisen in conducting the experiment and what changes might be undertaken in further experiments. 
References:  If you use material from any other source, and I assume you might in explaining what Mentos are, you must cite that source


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