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Topic: Microaggressions: Causes, Manifestation, Dynamics and Impact


Narrative paper but still research based, standard format
There is NO option for me to pick narrative paper.

Topic: Microaggressions: Causes, Manifestation, Dynamics and Impact

Please see attachment for paper details.
– Make sure to use at least 8 outside sources: in the syllabus section where it says “additional readings”
– Make sure to use textbook: Microaggressions in Everyday Life. Book is attached below.
– topic of microaggressions
– Look at 6 videos on you tube- representative of topic we are discussing. Holistic interpretive paper. Your understanding of microaggressions. Topic that deals with all of these. Don’t just use books. Actual published journals. Topics we covered in class and all videos. Combine information to answer the question. You can decide to cover different information.

– Person reactions to videos, document it with other supporting documents..
– Not just an opinion piece
– Relationship between videos and microaggressions and outside readings
– Stereotypes i face
– No cover page needed
– Narrative paper, standard format
– Sources should be APA format
– You can use “i”

10 pages not including sources page


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