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Topic: Migraines power point paper

Topic Assignment:
You have been asked to give a presentation on the treatment of migraine headaches. You’re in the process of completing your powerpoint when you see commercials for Emgality and Aimovig that must now be included in the presentation.
To complete the assignment:
1. Create no more than 4 powerpoint slides to include information about these 2 drugs as this will complete your presentation. You may use a table, if you like.
2. Your slides should include the following:
a. Indication, mechanism of action, dose, frequency, how it is administered, warnings/absolute contraindication, significant adverse drug reactions, interactions
b. Where you see the place in therapy for these drugs (for example, are they first line versus last alternative, only for those who are already taking a particular medication, adults or children over age 12, etc).
3. Those of us in healthcare sometimes do not consider the affordability of medications. Using a reference of your choosing, what is the cost for each of the drugs?
4. What are your final thoughts about these medications?
5. Remember to include your references (This is not counted as one of the 4 slides).


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