Topic: migration politics Political science Paper


As you might now be well aware, migration politics is a well established field in the US, Canada, the UK and throughout Europe. In Australia it is a new field that is attracting international attention.
With this in mind, your reflection papers can essentially be divided into 3-4 sections that demonstrate your expertise:
1) Choose an area of interest (i.e. descriptive representation, multiculturalism, citizenship, barriers to representation, gender and race, Indigenous representation, racism etc.) 
2) Discuss some of the new research/findings on your chosen topic that you have found interesting (approx. 200 words).
 3) Where are the gaps in our knowledge? What are the limitations with the current research? For example, in some areas there is very little research available in Australia or there might be few research tools (i.e research literature, data, census, government or non government reports or surveys).
 4) Where to now? Recommendations for future research in Australia. This is your chance to reflect on some of your postings and preliminary findings. 
Please feel free to use personal pro nouns such as ‘I’, ‘we’ etc. You may also express your own feelings, frustrations or remain entirely objective. In the final section, feel free to be honest and open.

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