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Topic: Misconceptions about Evolution


Based on your reading of chapter 2, and any other academic sources that you have researched, describe the common misconceptions of evolution and how they apply to the topic of biopsychology.

Define and discuss the field of biopsychology

Biopsychology is an integrative discipline. Explain

Describe 6 areas of neuroscience that are particularly relevant to biopsychological inquiry

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of humans and nonhumans as subjects in biopsychological research
Compare experiments, quasi experimental studies, and case studies, emphasizing the study of casual effects

Describe and compare the 6 divisions of biopsychology
Explain how converging operations has contributed to the study of KorsKOFF’S SYNDROME

Explain scientific inference with reference to research on eye movement and the visual perception of motion

Explain critical thinking and its relation to creative thinking in science

Discuss Delgado’s bull-ring demonstration, emphasizing its flawed interpretation

Describe the rise and fall of prefrontal lobotomy


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