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Topic: Mission statement paper

Discussion Instructions

This posting should answer the requirements using the course material from week 2 (not external source material) to support the ideas presented.
It is important to write concisely, provide the chapter title, chapter heading, page, or paragraph number. Include in-text citations and a reference in a reference list. Provide the page or paragraph number in every in-text citation presented. If the eBook does not have pages, provide the chapter title and topic heading

For Discussion
• Based on this week’s course readings, define what a good mission should be telling us, and define what constitutes a good vision statement.
• Based on the definitions provided, provide an example of a company that has produced a good mission statement; additionally, provide an example of a company that has laid out a successful vision statement. Make sure to provide the mission and vision statements you evaluated.
• Many organizations talk about how there is a need to develop a new strategy, but unfortunately do not clearly understand the difference between developing a strategy and establishing a new plan. Using the course readings, clearly define the difference between a Strategy and a Plan.
• Define Goals and Objectives and explain how managers use these to support the organizational plan.

Self-plagiarism is the act of reusing significant, identical, or nearly identical portions of one’s own work. You cannot re-use any portion of a paper or other graded work that was submitted to another class even if you are retaking this course. You also will not reuse any portion of previously submitted work in this class. A zero will be assigned to the assignment if self-plagiarized. Faculty do not have the discretion to accept self-plagiarized work.


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