Topic: Modernity & Progressive Era


DB 3 Initial Thread: Before posting, read chapters 14-18 of Gutek. In at least 300 words, compare Horace Mann’s educational theories and proposals with those of one other educational thinker of your choice from chapters 15-18 (i.e., Owen, Froebel, Mill, or Spencer). Present your post in three parts. The first part is briefly to summarize the key thoughts and actions of Mann. The second is to compare Mann with your choice of one other educational thinker from chapters 15-18. The third section should analyze both Mann and the other education thinker through the lens of ideas presented by worldview articles from Weeks 1-2 Reading and Study folders in Blackboard.
References & Citations: Include as least two references. Cite the Gutek textbook and at least one other reference. The other reference may be a worldview article (found in the Weeks 1-2 “Reading & Study” folders in Blackboard), an academic journal article, or a course video. Review this link on How to Cite Online Videos in APA (though it focuses on YouTube videos, the format will help you).

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