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Topic: Nazi Medicine in “Racial Hygiene” by Robert Proctor


In Racial Hygiene by Robert N. Proctor, Proctor advances a number of arguments about the role of medicine in Nazi Germany and the centrality of medical professionals in forming and implementing Nazi racial policy and genocide. Among these arguments are that doctors created many of the racial policies of the regime, that much of racial ideology had been formulated before the Nazis came to power in 1933, and that it is pointless to dismiss Nazi science as pseudo-science because it was morally repugnant. He also argues that Nazi biomedical ideology and programs were extreme versions of ideas and policies broadly accepted by many medical professionals in Europe and the U.S. In a six-page critical review, evaluate how well he makes his case and demonstrates that Nazi policies illuminate wider issues about the relation between politics and biomedical research agendas in the modern world. Be sure to provide textual evidence and examples to support your case.

The only source you need to use is ‘Racial Hygiene’ by Robert N. Proctor


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