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Topic: Nevada History research paper


1) What is the basic structure of Nevada’s state government? How similar is it to the federal government? What kind of citizens have served in Nevada’s governments? Whose interests seem well represented there and whose might be less so?

2) What kinds of conflict over resources are evident in the readings on water and the videos on Boulder Dam and the early history of Las Vegas? Who has paid for the massive water works that enable people to live in Nevada’s arid climate? Who built those projects? How did the early history of Las Vegas transform the demographic profile of the state and the the image of the state held by ousiders?

Your answer to each question should be about 250 words minimum. After you have posted your own responses to the questions, please respond to a minimum of two of your fellow students’ posts. Make sure you refer specifically to details from the assigned sources, citing them appropriately, of course.

Sources to be used (Only class sources allowed)
1. Chapters 6, 7 & 8 (pp. 69–110) in The Sagebrush State, 4th ed. by Michael W. Bowers
2. For Lake Mead’s importance in Nevada history: http://www.onlinenevada.org/articles/lake-mead
3. For Hoover Dam’s impact on Las Vegas: http://www.onlinenevada.org/articles/hoover-dams-impact-las-vegas
4. Hoover Dam Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE8yZZ5QEj4&t=2060s


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