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Topic: nursing change theories


Select one of the theories in the attached document and describe it (e.g., phases or steps). Explain how the change theory applies to your project, from identification of the practice change through evaluation of expected outcomes. Your response should be well written and supported with information from scholarly sources.

change theory expectations: Change Theory (Maximum length: 1 page)
In this section, you will describe the change theory you chose to guide the project from identification of the practice problem through the change in practice and evaluation of expected outcomes. This section is comprised of a brief description of the change theory and how it applies to your project. The description of the theory should be based on information in primary (not secondary) sources about the theory. Information from secondary interpretations or applications of the theory may be included in this section, but the basic description of the theory must be derived from primary sources.

I have attached options for change theories along with my seminar paper that the change theory MUST be applied to so PLEASE review my seminar paper I BEFORE doing assignment


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