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Topic: Obesity in developing countries

Unit 4 Case Study
Case Study Question
1) Explain why obesity in a developing country creates a “double burden” to its society?
2) How is urbanization of a population affect increased rates of obesity and more chronic disease.
3) What are some ways that developing countries can decrease the rate of obesity while maintaining cost within limited budget?
Find one website and two scholarly articles that analyze the population in your group’s case study. One article should be from a nursing journal. The other article should be from a business, communication or sociology journal and discusses some aspect of your case study population.
For each article include the title, journal it came from, author and date of publication. Summarize the population studied if it’s a research study and include the city and state, the time period covered, the specific focus of the study, and the results. Topics include cultural influences on the situation, economic/financial issues, diet/nutrition aspects, political influences, and religious aspects. For a business article, also note any marketing information and strategies included. For communication or sociology articles, include the aspects of communication or sociology noted. Summarize the main points of that article.
For the website, note what information is included on the home page, what tabs they have and links to resources. Indicate what problems or issues they have information about. Include a link for the website.
Teaching plan connected to the case study.
1. List 3 subjects that you would like to teach the patient(s) or community members about and why you think those are important.
2. How would you assess the patient(s) or community members understanding of the topics in preparation for your teaching?
3. Identify any potential problems with literacy, including a low literacy level, and how you would adapt your teaching taking that into consideration.
4. Identify any psychological factors and how that could impact learning of the patient(s) or community members. For example, is there any indication about a problem with anxiety or depression?
5. How would you assess learning for your case study patient(s) or community?


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