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Topic: Occupation Normalization or /and Estrangement Discourse


Identify a recent discourse (from the last decade) that deals with one of the following: 1) Israeli-Palestinian relations; 2) The international status of the West Bank; 3) Israel’s religious/cultural/security/economic/legal relations with the West Bank. I encourage a broad definition of discourse, which can include: speeches, newspaper articles, social media posts, songs, poems, fiction, museum exhibits, monuments, comics, children’s literature, etc. You should limit your assignment to the analysis of one specific text.

Present the text in whole (or describe it if a presentation is not possible).
Provide a brief background for the text. One paragraph should suffice.
Illustrate how the text serves either as an Occupation Normalization Discourse or an Occupation Estrangement Discourse (or both, if relevant). In doing so, you may make reference to the central societal values discussed in Lectures 11 and 12 or other central societal values that you deem relevant to the text. You may also make reference to the War Normalizing Functions discussed in the earlier course lectures (i.e. euphemization, naturalization, legitimization, and symbolic annihilation) and other discursive devices discussed (i.e. naming, framing, analogies, metaphors).
Referring to the intended audience of the chosen text, how does this discourse impact social consciousness regarding Israel’s control of the West Bank?
The paper should be approximately 1,700-2,000 words (excluding the sample text). The paper should reference at least two items from the mandatory or optional reading list. Please use APA referencing when quoting, paraphrasing, or referring to external texts.

The paper is worth 40% of the final grade. You may send me your topic choice through a message on ELMS for my feedback, but this is not required.

Late submissions will be penalized 2% of the grade per day.

– Lecture 11 Friedman Gavriely Nuri – Israeli Discourse and the West Bank final manuscript-3.pdf
Lecture 12 Current Occupation Normalization and Estrangement Discourse – Part 2.pptx


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