Topic: organization development interventions


This paper has to do with Managing Organizational Change – within the Sense-making Process Intervention. You will provide an overview of this theme and pick a sub-theme to expound on as outlined below.

The topic of the research paper is one of the organization development interventions identified in the course material, specifically in chapters 9 and 10 of the Managing Organizational Change text (attached). Each student is to extensively research the intervention chosen as to its theoretical/conceptual rationale, how to determine if this is a viable intervention to use in a particular situation, the mechanics of implementation, and the effectiveness of the intervention. The paper should then discuss how the intervention could be used in a situation that the student is familiar with such as the company where they work. Label each section with the question or topic being discussed.

The paper should be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins, 11 pt Calibri type and 15-20 pages in length. It should include citations and a reference page.

As an example: If you look at the list the first major category in chapter 9 & 10, it is Human Process Interventions (like mine is Sense making). If you are interested in that group of interventions you would choose one of the bullet pointed items that you wish to research. For example, here is the Human Process Interventions group from the list:

Human Process Interventions

Team Building
Inter-group Relations
Large Group Interventions
Grid Organization Development

You would pick from one of the four items listed – Maybe you are interested in Team Building. That is the one you research and then discuss the application you have chosen that uses team building. If it was Large Group Interventions, then you research that one, etc. You only choose one of the bulleted items on the list. Not the major category, because that would be too much to research and you won’t be able to get much depth in your research or application. I want to see more depth.


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