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Topic: Organizational Behavior business assignment


Organizational Behavior
Tips Regarding the Contents of the Required Project

Teamwork in Organizations: Types, Importance and Impacts on Individuals’ and Organizations’ Performance, With the Provision of Some Tips for Better Teamwork

• The meaning of teamwork
• Types of teams:
1. Informal vs. Traditional
2. Self-Directed Teams
3. Leadership and Problem Solving
4. Virtual Teams
• The effects & benefits of working in teams in organizations (on individual and organization level)
• Ways to improve workplace teamwork
• Support the previous discussion with scientific related quotations from related literature and your own experience and examples.
. Minimum 10 pages, excluding the references and title page.
5. Font 12.
6. Space between lines 1.5.
7. Clear sub-titles& sections.
8. Clear & separated paragraphs.
9. Quality of analysis.
10. Proper information coverage with identification of key issues.
11. Avoiding plagiarism by paying more attention for quotations& similarities.
12. Maintain the following style& organization:
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Discussion
• Results & Conclusion
• Proposed solutions, and recommendations.
• References


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