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Topic: Overnight Childcare (in North Carolina)


Students developing a proposal for a new business will identify and project start-up costs and complete a breakeven analysis. Students working with an existing business will complete a financial profile of the firm, ratio analyses, and a cost/benefit analysis of implementing strategic recommendations proposed by the team.

Font size 12, Times New Roman. Double space. 1″ margins. Include all Heading and Subheadings. Use APA style for general format, citations, references, Graph, Figures, and Tables, table of contents and bibliography. A footnote or endnote should be used to clarify the text, define terms, make comments, or to list additional sources.

-Executive Summary
-Each key section briefly summarized
-Should include: purpose, main findings, and conclusions and recommendations.
-Specifically answers: What business are you in? Who is on the team? Where will you locate and why? What is your product/service? How much capital will be needed? Why we should invest in your company?
-Business Description Includes: Complete and accurate overview of industry
-Mission statement: Explanation for the business type, legal structure, name, and location chosen. Description of the product/service, why it is needed and what makes it unique. Describe the company’s position and pricing strategy.
-Market Analysis Includes: Customer profile – who are they, where are they, what do they need, where do they currently buy? Research market demographics. Use Census data from the location targeted. Research competition. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Research labor availability. Estimate sales.
-Include a financial analysis component and identification of potential funding sources.
Sales and Marketing How will you get potential customers to buy your product? Develop a sales strategy. Define your channel of distribution. Research various advertising medias. Select two medias for your business and state why. Create two advertisements. Create a promotional strategy.
-Management Who are the managers? What is their area of responsibility? Who are the owners?
-Financials Identify your risks. Identify your potential expenses and capital requirements. Create your financial statements – cash flow, income and balance sheet.
-Conclusions & Recommendations Indicate the Conclusion Identify Your recommendations


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