Topic Pandora Jewelry Company

Subject Business
Number of pages 7
Spacing Double
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Academic Level Bachelor
Type of Work Writing from scratch
Type of Paper Research paper
Sources needed 4
Abstract Page No
Paper Format MLA
Paper details
Your paper should cover the CSR and ethics of this company, with approximately 600 words being your own opinion.

Your paper should be broken into a minimum of three (3) sections.
• One section covers Ethics,
• one covers CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and
• one will be your opinion of the company, its actions, beliefs, history, and anything else you deem interesting.

You will need up-to-date information, both good and bad about your company. Recent events, as well as events that have had a positive or negative impact on the company for years, should be covered.

Your paper should be written in MLA or APA. You need a minimum of 4 references. One of your references will be from the company you are writing on to acquire their CSR and ethics policies. Your other three references should be from different sources. Many media outlets are very biased, to the point of being unreliable. Therefore, it is important that you review different sources to try to get the most accurate information on the company as possible.

Your final paper will be a minimum of 1,800 words over a company you choose. The final paper will discuss ethics and corporate social responsibility of this company. Additionally, approximately 600 words of this paper will be your thoughts and opinions of the company and how it has handled itself in the areas of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ethics.

CSR and Ethics FINAL paper 1,800 words Rubric Below

Analysis: Student clearly and logically applies analysis tool; student does not leave any obvious issues out—identifies main issues as well as subsidiary, embedded or implicit ones, identifies them clearly, and distinguishes them from one another. Has a minimum of 1,800 words 0 – 100 pts

Mechanics/Grammar: Student has followed all normal rules of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph construction 0 – 40 pts

Documentation: Student has used MLA formatting rules and has a works cited. 0 – 50 pts

Conclusion: Ideas are insightful, creative as well as rational and logical. Approximately 1/3 of paper is the opinion of the student.
Paper is 1,800 words 0 – 60 pts

TOTAL POINTS 0 – 250 pts

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