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Topic Paper Cultural Landscapes

Write a 1-page typed paper from a topic below.
• LENGTH: 250-350 words
• SPACING: 1.5 or 2.0
• FONT: Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, or something similar
• TITLE have a good descriptive title; a title builds the foundation of your essay.
• IN-TEXT CITATIONS: cite your sources within your text.
• ESSAY FORMAT: must include an intro, a body, and a conclusion; the intro and the
conclusion can be a paragraph or one to two sentences each.
• REFERENCE: include a properly cited reference page. Sources need to be reputable.
Useful resources:
o http://www.citationmachine.net/
o http://www.easybib.com/
o http://www.citethisforme.com/
Short Essay:
How is/has gentrification effected the cultural landscapes of California either currently or
historically? Pick a city, county, or region to focus your paper on and identify the gentrifier
in your selected area. Who was displaced? How was the landscape of the place changed?
What are the pros and cons of the area being gentrified?
• Include your sources (a minimum of 2-3 sources) and always support your claims.
• Sources: newspaper articles, city/county website, journal article, books, etc.
• Limit yourself to using only one quote if you do include one, page number is a mist
when using a quote for the in-text citation.
• Pick a topic and focus on that topic only.


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