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Topic: personality across the life spam and Psychodynamic approaches Reaction Paper

TWIL Requirements
Here’s where you show us what you learned!
“This Week I Learned” is a summary of your learning, in your own words. Not a list of topics we all read about but your understanding and what you’re left wondering. You must include what you learned from each of the required resources including the chapter reading. This is to show everyone what you learned overall. In order to score well on this, you must show you have read/viewed the material and made a good attempt to understand it.
The total TWIL post should be at least 2 pages. It should cover both chapters.
How much is each TWIL worth? 7% each toward the final grade.
The TWIL for this condensed course includes 2 topics – chapter 9 and chapter 6.
Any plagiarism detected will result in an automatic zero grade and reporting to the Academic Integrity Committee. Do NOT cut and paste. Put your ideas into your own words.
Post #1
Section 1:
The main section of your TWIL includes what you learned (in your own words) and what you are left wondering. What stood out to you? What do you find that is related to your own life? Do NOT include lists, phrases or content that is straight from the textbook. We have all read the material. Do not insert one sentence copied from the textbook. This is your own learning and must be in your own words.
Do this for both chapters you have studied.
Section 2:
Your understanding of 4 crucial vocabulary terms (2 from each chapter) – explain, in your own words what these important terms mean and why you think they are crucial to the weeks learning. Why are these terms the most important overall? (Do not pick obvious terms like the title of the week’s topic.)
Section 3: Choose 2 questionnaires you have completed this week to share and discuss. They can be from each chapter or from just one chapter. Describe in detail your survey results and relate them to the material you learned in the textbook.
Section 4:
Ask a really good question of your peers! Get them thinking. You must also ask a question that can’t be answered by the material. This is for your classmates to try and answer! Your question will reveal how carefully you read/watched/engaged with the material this week.
Your weekly post should be in a casual/academic tone of writing. Edited but not an essay! Include any links to things you think we might all enjoy or learn from.

How is the TWIL graded?
Criteria Explanation for superb work Weighting
Evidence of understanding of new concepts and material (critical thinking skills). Demonstrates sound knowledge of the material. Evidence of reading/viewing and understanding material. 30%
Vocabulary – clear understanding and rationale Superb explanation, in own words and excellent explanation of relevance of terms. Good choice of terms as crucial. 20%
Question posed Excellent question, full of insight. Shows good understanding of material. 10%
Answer Complete answer that includes insight and supporting evidence. 20%
Writing style: formatting and spelling You have paid obvious attention to details of presentation: no typographical, grammatical, or spelling errors. 20%

Any plagiarism detected will result in an automatic zero grade and reporting to the Academic Integrity Committee. Do NOT cut and paste. Put your ideas into your own words.

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment: Reaction Paper
Subject: Psychology
Pages/words: 2/550
Number of Sources: 0
Academic level: Junior(college 3rd year)
Paper format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: US English


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