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Topic: Philosophical Assumptions and Research


Topic: Philosophical Assumptions and Research
Each of us has unique experiences and perceptions that shape what we believe about the world. These beliefs and underlying assumptions affect our natural approach to research. Some philosophical worldviews are more congruent with qualitative research, while others align with quantitative research. In BUSI 710, you began working with these concepts and identified which of the frameworks you most closely identified with. After reviewing the Reading and Study material for this module and considering the four philosophical worldviews discussed (positivism/post-positivism, critical theory, constructivism/interpretivism, participatory/post-modern), please respond to the following:
1. Which of the four philosophical worldviews/frameworks listed above most closely aligns with your perspective and the way that you view problems in the world? How does your research worldview/framework compare with worldview/frameworks that align with qualitative methodology?
2. How does understanding the connection between philosophical worldviews/frameworks and qualitative research methodology assist in your approach to conducting research? What do you need to consider?
3. Compare/contrast philosophical worldview with that of a Christian worldview. Are there any areas that are problematic or do most philosophical worldviews/frameworks appear to be congruent with a Christian worldview?
4. How does Keller’s perspective on being frustrated in your work (p. 94) relate to frustration in conducting research?


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