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Topic: Pro- All American have the right to health care


My topic is pro _ all american have the right for free healthcare. I have to debate against the Con team- which states all american do not have the right to free healthcare ( We are looking into it as the ADVANCE PRACTICE NURSE )
This is for a debate in class. Please bullet point key reference. To support my point
for example.
* it is the right of the people
*people derserve free healthcare


Class Debate =20% of your final grade

Guidelines for Class Debate
A debate is a learning experience that will expose you to divergent but substantiated points of views. It will help you to examine your own perspective on an issue. All students will be responsible for researching the proposition and come to the debate fully prepared to discuss and judge the issue. You will be required to complete a thorough preparation before the debate so as to heighten your awareness of a controversial issue and enhance the depth and breadth of your understanding. Debaters will follow the format of the debate while the students in the audience are responsible for listening attentively, taking part in the post- debate discussion and evaluating the caliber of the debaters’ arguments.
Debate Format
There will be two teams. Each team member should prepare a brief that includes one argument supportive of their position. Each argument should have statements or talking points that are supported by evidence and the identified reputable sources. You need to examine relevant literature, analyze the data, develop an argument and present your ideas clearly and persuasively during the debate. You should reflect on the ethical theories and principles involved in the issue that as an APN you must address. The brief should be submitted in the assignment section of Canvas for the debate. Each member of the team must submit a brief. Remember to include citation of sources and a reference page. Format should be in accordance with APA guidelines.
One side, called the affirmative(PRO), has the duty to affirm or support the proposition. The affirmative side presents a case that proposes a plan and reasons for adopting the plan. In the affirmative speeches, debaters typically show a need for the plan, describe the plan, and demonstrate the advantages of the plan. Because the affirmative side has the responsibility of supporting the issue the affirmative side goes first and last.
The other side, called the negative(CON), because its job is to negate the plan offered by the affirmative side, presents a case that shows that the affirmative side’s plan should not be supported, or that another plan is superior to the one proposed by the affirmative side.Your responsibility is to defeat the proposition. It is generally agreed that the best manner in which to proceed is to present a logical negative case which refutes the affirmative and supports the status quo.

The Burden of Rebuttal

Both teams have a burden of rebuttal which shifts from side to side as the debate progresses.
There are two elements involved in the burden of rebuttal:
Each team is obligated to refute their opponent’s arguments.
Each team is obligated to rebuild and defend their own case.

The Preponderance of Evidence

In order to establish the validity of their arguments, each team should seek to assemble a great amount of evidence supporting its position.
Debates hinge upon the question of which team has presented the greatest weight of evidence since it is impossible to establish absolute proofs in dealing with propositions of policy.

Side Presentation Time

Opening Statements and Clarification
YES/PRO team Opening statements using three arguments 5 minutes
NO/CON team Asks any clarifying questions 2 minutes

NO/CON team Opening statements using three arguments 5 minutes
YES/PRO team Asks any clarifying questions 2 minutes

Rebuttal (No new arguments presented)
YES/PRO team Repeats their opponents’ arguments and 3 minutes
tells what is wrong with the positions
NO/CON team Repeats their opponents’ arguments and 3 minutes tells what is wrong with the positions
YES/PRO team Summarizes their position by speaking to their 5 minutes opponents’ counterpoints and closes with why
their argument is best
NO/CON team Summarizes their position by speaking to their 5 minutes
opponents’ counterpoints and closes with why
their argument is best

Each side will also be expected to answer questions from the audience.

After the debate, the students in the audience evaluate the debate and participate in post-debate discussion. When evaluating the merits of debate, judges should determine if facts were used to support arguments, whether both sides of the issue were made clear, and if arguments were logical and persuasive

The class will be divided into 2 groups. Each group will be further divided into the 2 teams: Affirmative (PRO)and Negative (CON). The first group will debate Proposition #1 and the second group will debate Proposition #2

The two propositions that will be debated are

1: Age -Based Rationing of Health Care Is Justified When Resources Are Scarce

2:All Americans Have a Right to Health Care and Universal Health Care Should Be Provided By Our Government


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