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Topic: Project Performance Measurement


For this Short Answer Assessment, you will answer a series of short answer items to demonstrate your understanding of how to assess project performance against agreed-to criteria using qualitative and quantitative methods. This Assessment is based on Part 5 of the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility Case Study. Read Part 5 of the case study (and review previous parts of the case study as needed), then complete the Assessment.

Professional Skills: Written Communication and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are assessed in this Competency.

To complete this Assessment:

Use the rubric as a guide when completing your Assessment. Responses that do not meet the expectations of scholarly writing will be returned without scoring. Properly formatted APA citations and references must be provided where appropriate.

******** Use the Assessment Short Answer Form – which includes the Rubric for this Assessment. *********************

Complete the form adhering to the criteria presented in the Rubric and to the standards of project management in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKĀ® Guide), Sixth Edition.
and the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility Case Study


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