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Topic: Promoting health essay


6HL004 Assignment REPORT 3,200 WORDS (+ / – 10%) in 2 parts

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate ability to gather and critically evaluate appropriate health information from a variety of sources, and apply relevant theoretical perspectives
in order to interpret this to identify a health need for a specific population (part one)

Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate insight into the contested nature of health and health promotion, and how these debates impact on working to promote health (prioritising health need , selecting relevant aims and objectives, relative effectiveness of approaches)

Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate problem-solving abilities and critical awareness of health promotion theories by designing a strategy to tackle a health promotion need (the strategy)

Part one: Assessing health needs.

Identify and prioritise the health needs of a specific population group, by applying theories of health needs (approximately 40% of the wordage.)

Part two: Addressing health needs.

Design a strategic proposal for health promotion to address the prioritized health need, utilizing health promotion theories and principles (approximately 60% of the wordage. References are not counted as part of the wordage limit.)

How to write the assignment:

Give your work a title: “Health needs of (name of your group)”.

Use the headings below to structure your work:
Part one:

Background (150 words)

You should provide a concise background that justifies why this group needs attention, with epidemiological data showing they experience poorer health / health inequalities/ are more at risk of unhealthy behaviour). Use Office of National Statistics, Department of Health, WHO data, or other official body.

There is no need for an overview to start your project by saying something like: “this report will …etc”

Identifying Health Needs

Find 3 research studies into the health needs of your group. (At least two studies need to be qualitative exploration of the chosen group’s views on their own health needs).

Use the studies to complete the table below to summarize findings.

Author, Title, Year and hyperlink to the study.

(You must give a hyperlink to the study)

Methodology (primary/secondary, qualitative / quantitative)

Approach to needs assessment


(=the health needs)

1. e.g. Health and Health needs of runaway and homeless youth (1992) (NB: link to the complete text is needed. Here the abstract has been linked whereas students should provide link to the whole complete text. Please do not use this link since it is too dated to be used).

e.g. primary quantitative, epidemiological approach



Then analyse these needs by applying the health needs theories of Maslow, Seedhouse, Doyal and Gough.

For Example: Health Needs you have identified from your research papers can be linked to aspects of theories (Maslow, Seedhouse or Doyal & Gough). You should show a link/relation between the need and theory. Similarly other needs can be related to other theories. (use your own wording)..

Prioritising the health needs

Identify the most significant unmet need, with a rationale to justify why this is the most important. Apply Bradshaw’s theory here amongst other theories.

Think about: the stages of Maslow’s hierarchy, the social determinants of health, all of Bradshaw’s types, which need appears in all the studies.

You should end this section with a clear prioritised health need. “The priority health need is…”

Part two: A Strategy to Address the Health Needs

Aim and objectives.

Give one clear AIM which is broad statement linked to your objectives.


Three or four different types of SMART objectives stating the type of objective each is, to address the prioritised health need. You will find the types of objectives in the presentation in Week 5.

e.g. ​​Objective 1. (type) , state the SMART objective

​​Objective 2. (type), etc

Health Promotion Activities


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