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Topic: Proposed New Photographic Guidelines for Plastic Surgeons Using Social Media Platforms


Like the title suggests, this paper is about before and after photos of cosmetic plastic surgeries and making guidelines to standardize presentation on social media apps like instagram. The results and photos are often subjective, but we would like to make arguments to objectify them. I have attached the beginning of the paper to help as a launching point. We need another 3000 words. I also attached other papers which examine medical photography. Attached are 22 screenshots from instagram which can be used as figures and talking points in the article (assign a figure number to each one). I can email them to you if they don’t upload here properly. Feel free to screenshot and use other before and after photos from plastic surgeons on instagram (@robertmorinmd , @drdana_nyc , @drghavami , @plastic.touch). The main procedures to go over are breast implant/lift, abdominoplasty, brazilian butt lift, rhinoplasty, and rhytidectomy.

Ability to analyze photographs and include more references is needed.

Some discussion points:
Lighting criteria & angles
Hairdo – consistency
Makeup (Used or not? Should it be?)
BMI change criteria (often used for abdominoplasty and gluteal augmentation)
How many weeks or months out? Makes a difference 1 week vs. 6 months out from surgery and a lot of the time there’s no long term photos online on websites or social media posts.
Importance of transparency in the profession for patients if they want to take American Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) seriously.

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