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Topic: Psychology/Neuroscience essay


Discuss a topic in depth related to memory & brain function
– Present a hypothesis (addressing a debated topic)
– present data in support of your hypothesis
– Not just a lit review
– Not just a cognitive paper
– must have brain in the paper
8 pages double spaced excluding references. Minimum of 10 citations are needed.
– Evaluation based on organization, literature review, critical evaluation, creativity to ask a relevant question, ability to find answers in the literature, clarity of expression

The topic I chose is based of repressed memories from hippocampal function.

The stuff I came up with:

The scientific paper that inspired me to write on this is: “Inducing amnesia through systemic suppression” by Justin C. Hulbert, Richard N. Henson & Michael C. Anderson

Need also to describe hippocampus function using scientific literature always back up claims using citations
Also find scientific papers that are against the idea of the paper. IT HAS TO BE DEBATED.

Repressed memories –> hippocampal function
Myth or reality ?
Can altering hippocampal function causes temporary amnesia ?
How does hippocampus work in terms of memory formation ?
Evidence for repressed memories ?
Is it localized in hippocampus ?
Evidence against ?


– Quick description of hippocampus
– Explanation of formation of memory
– Link this to amnesia
– Link this to temporary amnesia
– Link this to repressed memories with hippocampus alteration


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