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Topic: Public Welfare and Family Planning

Journal Article Analytical Summary




*Essay form – complete sentences and paragraphs

*Use your own words – any short quotes from the article should be in quotations with the page number in parentheses following the quote.

*Do not use sources of any kind, internet or otherwise! Use only the journal article you are summarizing.

Your assignment is to select an empirical research article from one of the top four journals in American sociology from the year 2010 or more recently, and write a 3-5 page summary. Select an article about some aspect of society and how it is changing. Your summary should include the following parts:

1) a citation of the article in APA format,
2) the abstract (you can copy and paste),
3) the research question,
4) the theory or theories tested,

5) the data and methods used,
6) the findings,
7) the conclusion of the authors, and
8) your own conclusion in the final paragraph.

The four journals are:
American Sociological Review

American Journal of Sociology
Social Forces

Social Problems.

You may select any topic you like, so choose something you are interested in. Be prepared with more than one topic, and try various keywords for your search. Be sure to use the titles of the journals in your searches.

Not all articles are appropriate – some articles are presidential addresses, and some are theory papers that do not analyze data. The article you choose must be an empirical article that analyzes data, whether statistical, ethnographic, or some other type of data. Be aware that the statistics can be quite complex – if they don’t make sense, use the explanation in the findings section in the text.


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