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Topic: Quality Management/ Quality Control


The term paper assignment is designed to evaluate the student’s
achievement of one or more of the student learning objectives dependent upon a mutually
agreed upon research topic. The student is expected to develop a 1,500-word research
paper, which incorporates analysis of a selected aspect of a quality system audit on a
topic acceptable to the instructor. The intent is to provide a means of focused study on
one aspect of the rather large body of knowledge. The paper requires a hypothesis, the
use of a minimum of three references other than the classroom texts and posting of the
completed paper for the benefit of others in the class.

. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the philosophies and teachings of leading
Quality Gurus. (e.g., Deming, Juran, Taguchi, Ishikawa, Crosby, etc.).
2. Demonstrate awareness of the various internationally accepted Quality Systems
Standards (ISO 9000), Measurement Standards, and business sector-specific
3. Understand team-centered Continuous Improvement methods and their
4. Know the basic concepts of Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality
5. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the Quality profession code of ethics


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