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Topic: Quantitative Laboratory Report TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 thinking


Please see “Background to the Quantitative report” word file I uploaded. In tutorial we have completed 5 tasks in order to make a quantitative report using a SIMPLE LINEAR REGRESSION using SPSS to predict the performance on Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT).

Please use APA format for the paper, please choose THE FIRST predictor only ( Open Mindedness), I uploaded the correct output with the tables to be reported in the report results section ( WINRar achieved) but there needs to be a scatter graph as well as the results are significant.

Predictor- Open mindedness
Outcome variable- CRT

I uploaded the scales, again please focus only on Open mindedness one.

On Background section start with type 1 vs type 2 thinking research..

Please do contact me if you have any questions at all, thank you.


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