Topic: Racial and Ethnic Groups


Write an essay that analyzes the role of migration, government policies and laws, institutions, activism, and Civil Rights legislation in shaping the lived experiences of racial and ethnic groups in the united states.

Essays must include discussion of the role of prejudice, discrimination, and racism in shaping immigration policies and laws in the United States and resulting inequalities in American society.

Essays must discuss the role of intersectionality and identity in shaping the lived experiences of inequality in American society.  Essays must discuss the role of civil disobedience and protest in addressing discrimination and inequalities in education, occupation, and income.

Each of the above areas must be explored within the context of key concepts, examples from the history and experiences of social groups represented in the assigned reading in Chapters 1-7—for example, Native Americans, Italian Americans, African-Americans, etc. 

The essay must be based on the first 7 chapters of the book.