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Topic: Reaction Paper III: The Movies, Realism versus Fantasy

After you have accomplished the reading for the week take a day or two to think about the material, and how you see it as relevant to the realities of our time.

In your reaction to the reading (Post-Classical Hollywood : Film Industry, Style and Ideology since 1945, Chapter 7-8, and Twentieth Century-Fox : The Zanuck-Skouras Years, 1935-1965. Intro+ Chapters 1-2), and to the last episode of Mark Cousin’s award winning documentary series “The Story of Film” consider any or all of the following:
• Realism (film as social commentary) versus fantasy (film as escapism)
• Freedom of expression versus censorship (whether self imposed or not)
• Commerce versus artistic expression
• American cinema versus Foreign Cinema

Conclude your discussion with your perspective on the role of film in American history and today. Be sure to incorporate at least two citations from the books (excluding the book by Cullen), and direct reference to the documentary by Cousin’s. You may choose to cite Cousin’s narration and or discuss any of the films that he briefly explores.

Be aware that the paper should not exceed 600 words (not including title page and references). This means that you should seek to develop a discussion with a clear focus on the issues that you would like to address, and do so, with a clear voice that articulates your position.

The review should be concise and should integrate direct quotations from the text (no longer than one or two sentence quotes with formatted citations). Be sure to provide your perspective in relation to the area of the debate that you chose to address. On the title page, give your work an original title that can represent the focus of your work.


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