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Topic: Reebok Crossfit Campaign


Choose and analyze a sport marketing campaign (example:Reebok crossfit)
Each student will submit a 10 pages report with a table of content, references used and page numbers (Times New Roman, 12, 1.5 spaced paragraphs). It will use material from the course and the textbook to assess the impact of the sports marketing campaign of your choice.

Q1) Name of the campaign:

A1) Reebok CrossFit Campaign

Q2) Problem of the company and the reason why they are spending money in this campaign according to your preliminary research and information:

A2) Reebok, a 60+ year old company was known for sneaker and fashion. Their brand became irrelevant, especially with GenY and Millenials. Fortunately, CrossFit came along and extremely popular with these generations. However, CrossFit was not recognized as a Sport but more as Fitness Revolution. Reebok became an exclusive provider of footwear, apparel, and accessories for this fitness craze. Reebok had to change the perception of fitness as a sport and CrossFit was the word of mouth craze to showcase this movement.

Q3) Your research question (the reason why it is interesting from a professional and marketing standpoint)

A3) How Did Reebok Run A Successful Partnership With CrossFit Games?

Q4) Data you will collect to analyze the impact of the campaign.

A4) ?


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