Topic: Reflection on Internship at Michigan House of Representatives

Look into the future in a few years. You are now working moving up the ranks in your prospective careers. Your supervisors / partners, aware of your previous experience as an intern, have asked you to develop an internship program at your company/organization. Think about your time as an intern and, in a short essay to your supervisors, address the following questions:

  • What is the most important skill or lesson that a person should learn during an internship? Why?
  • What should be the goal of students after leaving an internship? What should/can your organizations do to help students achieve this goal?
  • As a supervisor, how would the internship experience at your organization be different from your own?
  • What is the value of an internship program to your organization/company? Why is a good internship program important?

Essay 2 – Internships in Society (2-3 pages)

Read the articles on the issue of paid versus unpaid internships and write an essay (2-3 pages) in response to following questions:

  • Based on the readings and your own experience, do you believe employers make a distinction between unpaid interns and paid employees? Is this fair to interns?
  • Comment on the premise of the Williams article (NYT) that internships do not provide a payoff? Do you agree or disagree with this and is the situation different for public service/government internships than it is for business internships.
  • Lastly, do you think our system for students transitioning into the workforce is effective? What changes do you think are needed?

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