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Topic: reflection


the most important is to check the referencing and the reference list. it is APA style

This is a reflection. It is asking you to articulate your thoughts and learnings, based on this semester’s learning.
This is a critical piece of work. It asks you to draw upon readings or data (interview and discussion boards) to support/illustrate the viewpoints you share.
As a critical reflection, its asks you to engage with the assumptions
You may present this submission in any genre (creative piece, academic piece, design piece) however, it must adequately meet the requirements of the task, and make appropriate reference to works that you would cite.
Assessment Criteria:

Articulates a considered position on the scope that any individual has to be who they/he/she wants to be. (8 marks)
Develops a clear justification of that position. (8 marks)
Draws upon examples of interview and discussion board data to illustrate points made. (8 marks)
Integrates key ideas from course readings and materials to support or rebut ideas which would contribute to the justification of position. (8 marks)
Reflects an original response, adequately and effectively citing the works of others to support and justify the position taken. (8 marks)


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