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Topic: Research Paper on Homelessness

I will like for you to write about Homelessness. Course number 40000 class name “Paper Strafication” Dr. Edna Molina-Jackson

SOC 4000:  Social Stratification


TASK:  Research and analyze a current social issue involving social stratification by applying course concepts and theories.  Choose a contemporary issue or form of social inequality that exists in American society to analyze, and apply sociological concepts and at least 1 theory in examining the issue (using Marger’s book as a source); note that theories usually contain at least 3 concepts, or 3 key points of theory.

Use the course text book (Marger’s, Social Inequality) and at least 2 additional outside, peer-reviewed sources to analyze the issue you’ve selected.

NOTE: you must meet the task assigned to earn points on this assignment; a paper on a related topic that does not meet the requirements will get zero points.  Also, you cannot use a paper that you previously wrote for another class, it must be an original work submitted for this course only.

FORMAT: Paper length is 3-4 pages (do not exceed page limit), double-spaced and use font size similar to that used on this page (e.g., Cambria 12 font).   Margins should be 1” on all sides and the Title page is a separate page that is not numbered and contains: Title of Paper, Course Number and Course Name, Date and Professor’s Name.

TOPICS/ISSUES: Focus your analysis on a contemporary issue that relates to an aspect of social inequality examined in Marger’s book chapters and/or select one of the following issues:

  • Wage inequality (gender issues, race and ethnic issues…etc.)
  • Homelessness or poverty-related issues
  • Occupational sex segregation
  • Racial or ethnic gaps in education
  • Child poverty and/or the struggles of single parents with single-incomes
  • Residential segregation
  • Income inequality among CEOs and workers
  • Poverty and inequality (family origins, family structure and opportunities?)
  • Affordable Health Insurance and quality care?
  • Intergenerational Income Mobility—moving up or down?
  • Globalization and American jobs
  • Bad jobs, good jobs…does college increase employment options?
  • Unemployment, under-employment and worker struggles
  • Wealth inequality  and the shrinking middle-class
  • Unionized worker’s wages and benefits – the upside and is there a downside?
  • Immigrants and inequality
  • Political inequality – power and representation
  • Taxation inequality and how the U.S. compares by class status and also to other nations?
  • Who rules America?  Political Elites, Economic Elites and Corporations? There’s a website on, Who Rules America (you can find it by doing a search on the internet).

Or you can develop your own topic on some current issue of social inequality; contact me via email if you’d like feedback on the topic you’ve selected.

Also, for most of the topics listed above you could do an analysis that focuses on this region, Bakersfield or Kern County (or nearby cities…even your neighborhood if you’d like—as long as you meet the task assigned).


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