Topic: research proposal children homelessness


1. Introduction
Problem statement (reason of initiating study)
Purpose of study

2. Research question- What challenges do children of homeless families face?

Summary of past research
Strengths and weaknesses/limitations of past research
How is your research is supporting or challenging past research?

4. Method

4.1. Research objective
What type of method? Quantitative (experiment, survey, existing statistical analysis)? Qualitative (exploratory, ethnography, interviews, participant observation)

4.2. Sample or Research Participants
What is the sample size? How many participants?
Which age group? Race? Gender? Geography?
Where will you recruit participants?
How do you plan to gain consent? (if applicable)

4.3. Data Collection Procedure (explain step by step)
What specific type of data collection? Why did you choose this type? (For example, for interviews, specify whether you choose face-to-face, phone, e-mail, or video call; or for survey, is it phone, mail, web, or face-to-face?)
Where and when will data collection (survey, interview) take place?
Plan to obtain informed consent (when and how?)
How long will the survey or interview take for each participant? OR How long will the participant observation take?

5. Variable Measurement (if applicable)
What are your variables? (e.g. gentrification, academic achievement, mental health, etc)
How will you measure your variables?

6. Survey/Interview questions (if applicable)

7. Limitation of your study or Ethical Considerations
What are the limitations of your study?
What are some anticipated ethical issues? How are you taking care of the anticipated ethical issues?

8. Reference (APA style)
Hinton, S., & Cassel, D. (2012). Exploring the lived experiences of homeless families with young children. Early Childhood Education Journal, 41(6), 457-463.

Kirkman, M., Keys, D., Bodzak, D., & Turner, A. (2010). “Are we moving again this week?” Children’s experiences of homelessness in Victoria, Australia. Social Science & Medicine, 70(7), 994-1001.

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