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Topic: Retail and service logistics

Research the expected logistics and supply chain characteristics of a company of your choice located in the Melbourne CBD Australia which has retail operations in both a “traditional retail (bricks and mortar)” and an ‘online (e-tail)’ environment.
 Note: Students must clearly indicate how their chosen retailer leverages its logistics and other resources/assets, to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of both operations.
Additional details:
1. Length: 1500 words ±  10% 
2. Type: Research
3. Referencing Style:  Harvard
How many references?
There is not any limitation as long as you cite a source and add it to the reference list wherever is needed
4. Structure: Please refer to the A2 – Rubric Document

Table of Content
Aim and Scope
Discussion / Findings
Recommendations and Conclusion
Appendix if applicable
On successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:
Apply selected principles and theory of the retail business supply chain to effectively manage logistics in retail operations (CLO1);
Apply multi-faceted roles and practices of logistics and supply chain management to competitive advantage and value creation across a number of retail, service and service logistics oriented industries (CLO2); and
Interact and communicate effectively in team settings to solve problems in retail logistics operations (CLO3)


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