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Topic: rhetorical analysis assignment movie, Small foot

Mini Rhetorical Analysis
For this assignment, you will craft an essay based on the movie, Small foot. After viewing the movie, you will consider the rhetorical concepts we have covered in class and address one or more of them in a 500 – 750-word essay.
Your argument should be complete with an introduction, thesis statement, conclusion, and proper MLA or APA citations. You may use outside sources as evidence in your argument, including materials we have covered in class. You may focus on one aspect of the movie or recognize a theme that plays out throughout the movie.
Some considerations for your argument may include:
• How are ethos, pathos and/or logos represented in the movie?
• How is the movie a definition or causal argument?
• How does language or literacy shape the communication among characters?
• Are there assumptions that are proven to be accurate or inaccurate?
You may use one or more of these considerations in your writing. Your argument should be complete and be academic in nature.
Your paper will be graded on the following criteria:
• Includes an introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion
• Proper MLA or APA guidelines are followed
• A minimum of 500 words
• Includes specific references to the movie
• Has a least one of the preceding considerations referenced


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