Topic: Samsung Successful Marketing Story casestudy



Read the business case study of Samsung Successful Marketing Story and develop a solution to the questions raised.

There are multiple potential answers to the questions so you should explore all possible answers. You should address the following questions and present your action plan, proposal or decision at the end:

Customer Needs & Wants
1) Why is tailoring to a customer’s needs so important for a business?
2) What are some problem(s) that can arise from catering to customers needs? How can a company like SamSung resolve such problem?
3) Using your business knowledge, how does company like Samsung generate the insights they need to tailor products to customers’ needs? Think about how they know about their customer’s need
4) If you could change just one thing about any specific product (i.e: mobile phone, laptop) to meet your group needs, what would it be?

International Business & Managing Cross-cultural Environment
1) Samsung being a global brand has played a major role in exports, jobs, and innovation for each of the countries they operate in. As a group, discuss some of the challenges/holdbacks this can create.
2) As a global business, how can Samsun manage diverse cultures of employees and employers to avoid cross-cultural issues?

1) In what new, innovative ways can competitors (like Apple, Sony, Huawei ) prove that it can adapt to any country/region’s needs through their products?

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