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Topic: seasonal affective disorder


topic is seasonal affective disorder
5 pages APA format does not need the authors note, abstract, or appendix. can be analytical or expository. 5 references are needed in text citations are needed

10 pts: APA format – minimum of five pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font, one inch margins. Paper should be no more than eight pages. Less than five pages or more than eight pages equals a zero out of 10 points.
10 pts: Spelling, grammar and paragraph formation. More than five spelling or grammar mistakes in a final draft will result in 0 of 10 points. Proofread. Visit the tutoring center if necessary.
10 pts: Well-written. This includes an error-free, well-organized paper that has one main idea per paragraph with sufficient supporting details and well- written transitions between paragraphs. An official outline is not required, but an outline is a great place to begin to ensure your thoughts stay organized and your paper is presented in an organized fashion. I expect an introductory paragraph that clearly states the thesis of the paper and hooks the reader. I also expect a solid concluding paragraph that summarizes what you learned and ends with a memorable idea or statement or has a larger connection to the world.
10 Pts: Citing sources. This should be done using APA format. The OWL (online writing lab) at Purdue is an excellent resource (owl.purdue.edu). Each time you use researched information in your paper you MUST cite the source. For examples, your textbook cites sources in APA format – (author, year.)
10 Pts: APA Works Cited Page. You must use at least five current sources (in the last 10 years) other than your book. Again, owl.purdue.edu is a great resource.


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