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selling situation created

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You must create a Business to Business Selling Situation. You must choose a product to sell that really exists. You must “pretend” to work for a real company that really sells this product. You must create a prospective client situation that either really exists already between buyer and seller, or would be a logical and reasonable situation.

Create a WORD document that answers the following questions.

Product I will be Selling is _______(Describe your product in detail).
I will be representing __________(Name company you will pretend to work for). My job title is ___________(What is your sales title?)
The specific company I am selling to is _______.
The role of the person I am meeting with is ______________. You should identify the specific role of the individual and the business you are selling to. They must be an individual who will have the authority to make this buying decision (i.e. owner, purchasing agent)
This prospect is making a _______________purchase. Explain the situation driving this planned purchase. (classify this prospect based on the type of Business to Business purchases – Exhibit 3.6 on pg. 71 – Straight Rebuy NOT ALLOWED for this project.)
Discuss where you think this buyer might be in their decision-making process. (figure 3.1 on pg. 60)
Complete a worksheet for organizing Buyer needs and benefit based solutions
select a real company they would like to pretend to be the a sales representative for. The student also selects another real company who would most likely be interested in the product provided by the sales organization. Hence, the students selects both the selling organization and a potential buying organization. The selling situation created must be Business to Business. Hence the proposed buyer must be representing an organization’s needs and NOT the needs of an individual.

Effectively, each student will be “pretending”. However, the selling situation proposed must be realistic, very likely to occur in real life, logical, and well researched. It is advised that you choose a product and not a service. Products are less complex to sell. Also, it is much more fulfilling to sell something that you are interested in so you are encouraged to choose something relevant to you and your life. For example, many students choose to sell sporting goods to retail sporting goods companies. Some are passionate about the environment so choose to sell environmentally friendly products to businesses. Others choose a hobby and translate it into a Business to Business selling situation (i.e. skateboards to a board shop). There are many business to business selling situations that are relevant to you!

Learning Goals:

explain the sales funnel and the importance of prospecting to all organizations
research business to business selling situations
describe a logical selling situation
classify types of business to business purchases
create buyer needs worksheet
discuss the decision-making process for Business to Business purchases

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