Topic: set up a business in a foreign country


The presentation must contain information regarding the following:
1. The name and type (i.e. FDI) of business that you will open. Terminology from the textbook is expected.
2. A brief history of the host country as it relates to business. Additionally, in which city will you locate this business? Why is this an ideal location for your business?
3. Identify the current political and economic conditions of the country (within the previous 5-10 years). Ease of doing business would be good here.
4. Culture and attitudes of the country’s citizens. Hofstede dimensions would be appropriate here.
5. How PPP (cost of living) will affect your profitability. For example, is the cost of living higher or lower in the host country? Remember, PPP and exchange rates are NOT the same thing! Big Mac Index would be good here.
6. Your overall strategy for doing business in the country. Select a specific strategy from the textbook. In other words, how will your company standout amongst competitors?
7. A conclusion slide. Is it feasible to do business in the country?
8. A references slide (APA format).

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Paper format-MLA
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