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Topic: seven (7) deadly sins


Taking each of the seven (7) deadly sins that are attached, distinguish how each can have an impact on an organization. Propose examples of what can be done to overcome the sin. Make sure you do not just rephrase what is in the table, engage your critical thinking and reflection to justify how these impact an organization.

Seven Deadly Sins of Workflow and Process Mapping and Their Salvations

Table provides a checklist of common issues associated with drawing maps of current workflows and processes, and some recommendations for overcoming these issues. While this table is dubbed the “Seven Deadly Sins of Workflow and Process Mapping and Their Salvations,” use it in good spirit. The purpose of this chapter is to help a CDO achieve clarity and completeness in its workflow and process mapping. Still, it must be recognized that so long as maps are clear and complete to both those who perform the process and those who do not perform the 169process but may be impacted by it in some way, there is no harm in not sticking absolutely to conventions. In general, however, the more conventions are followed, the more likely the maps become clear and complete, and hence more useful.


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